Kulmala p 2002 dissertation

Andreae: A new technique to determine element amounts down to femtograms in dust using femtosecond laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry. Maenhaut, W.

Kyngäs - Publications and supervised doctoral dissertations

Karnieli and M. Meier, M. Alwmark, S.

Bajt, U. Busemann, W. Fujiya, J. Gilmour, U.

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Heitmann, P. Hoppe, H. Marone, U. Pavlov, U.

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Schade, N. Spring, M. Stampanoni and I. Montero, J. Hydrobiologia , Trebs : Application of a GC-ECD for measurements of biosphere-atmosphere exchange fluxes of peroxyacetyl nitrate using the relaxed eddy accumulation and gradient method. Niwa, K. Dzivenko, K.

Research Methodology in Master's Dissertations

Suzuki, R. Riedel, I. Troyan, M. Eremets and M. Inorganic Chemistry 53 , Ortega, J.

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Turnipseed, A. Guenther, T. Karl, D. Day, D.


Gochis, J. Huffman, A. Prenni, E. Levin, S. Kreidenweis, P.

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  5. DeMott, Y. Tobo, E. Patton, A. Hodzic, Y. Cui, P. Harley, R. Hornbrook, E. Apel, R. Monson, A. Eller, J. Greenberg, M. Barth, P. Campuzano-Jost, B. Palm, J. Jimenez, A. Aiken, M. Dubey, C. Geron, J. Offenberg, M. Ryan, P. Fornwalt, S. Pryor, F. Keutsch, J. DiGangi, A. Chan, A. Goldstein, G. Wolfe, S.

    Kim, L. Kaser, R. Schnitzhofer, A. Hansel, C.

    Prosam | Profesionales en saneamiento ambiental

    Cantrell, R. Mauldin and J. Smith : Overview of the Manitou Experimental Forest Observatory: site description and selected science results from to Ott, U. Chemie der Erde - Geochemistry 74 , Merchel, S. Herrmann, S. Pavetich, G. Rugel, T. Faestermann, L. Fimiani, J. Gomez-Guzman, K. Hain, G. Korschinek, P. Ludwig, M. Folco : Cosmic ry exposure and pre-atmospheric size of the Gebel Kamil iron meteorite. Palasyuk, T.