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She regularly defends clients in court litigation, arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution proceedings. She has acted as a visiting examiner and visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Laws, Noella Sciriha was awarded the Diploma of Notary Public in and proceeded to obtain the Doctor of Laws degree in She was admitted to practice in As is the case in most Continental Europe Dr Noella Sciriha, as an advocate, combines the roles of pleading and audience before the courts with advising and counseling.

Her main areas of activity include civil litigation and arbitration, family law, immigration, and financial services with particular Project by.

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Team Members The category for the posts about the members at Saga Juris. The amendments to the current setup will also see the duration of the course reduced from six years to five: four years for a bachelor in laws LLB and a year for the LLM.

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The changes will also replace the submission of a thesis with a dissertation during fourth year, with the major difference being the shorter length and the introduction of a logbook system in fifth year, whereby students formally report their court visits and other work experience sessions to University.

Law students already voiced their concerns in a consultation meeting organised on campus last December.

Current students believe that changes should only apply to future prospective students, who will be informed of the changes before commencing the course. They deem it unfair if it affected current students, who entered the course with the intention of attaining a doctorate. But the person with an LLD, having a Dr title, will be considered superior to others. But not all the students give the same importance to the issue.

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Yesterday, a meeting was held between law students, Justice junior minister Owen Bonnici and the Attorney General. Another meeting is expected to take place later on today. News National.

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More from James J. They can use the letters 'TEP' after their name. Ganado Advocates.

Email: acremona ganadoadvocates. Biography: Anthony Cremona read law at the University of Malta between and