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First, in the scene 1 of act 3 Macbeth is suspicious of Banquo that he has already known about Duncan murder. Thus, he calls the three murderers and orders them to kill Banquo. The decision that Macbeth took to kill Banquo through his position and his power by ordering the three urderers shows that he uses his authority into something bad for his own interest.

Macbeth Character Analysis Essay

Macbeth knows that Macduff has planed to codetta his domination. This point also indicates that he has used his power only for his own interest—to keep his throne. This description shows that Macbeth is a tyrant and corrupt king.

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Great men are almost always bad men. From the explanation above we can conclude that Macbeth has experienced character development.

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He has an intention to prove the last prophecy because of the influence of his wife and his own ambition. Subsequently, this circumstance has changed him from a noble man into a corrupt king because of his own ambition and outside influence.

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Macbeth William Shakespeare: Wordsworth Classics. Downloading text is forbidden on this website.

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You can get this essay on your email. Great warrior though Macbeth is, he is badly equipped for the mental consequences of crime. At the beginning when Shakespeare first introduces Macbeth, he is portrayed as a loyal and trustworthy warrior.

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  6. This is shown through the way that people speak of him and to him, as though he can be trusted. When we first hear of Macbeth in the wounded captain's account of his bravery in the battlefield, "But all's too weak: For brave Macbeth — well he deserves that name — Disdaining Fortune, with his Brandished steel" I, II it shows what a high opinion people have of Macbeth and his courage and fighting skills.

    Also, when Banquo calls Macbeth his "noble partner" it shows that he has great respect for him. This all helps to form the initial impression that Macbeth is a brave, capable warrior and loyal subject.

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    This viewpoint is complicated, however, once we see Macbeth interact with the three witches. We realize that his physical courage is joined by a consuming ambition and a tendency to self-doubt-the prediction that he will be King brings him joy, but it also creates inner turmoil. As compared to his husband, she is realist.

    Banquo: He is the second important general of King Duncan. He is also very brave. He remains loyal and honest till his murder. He is the father of Fleance. Macduff: He is the 3 rd important general of Duncan. Later on, he kills the tyrant Macbeth.