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This force is "not mere imperfection but plain moral evil" A. Bradley In King Lear, evil takes its core power from greediness and ingratitude of king's two daughters, Goneril and Regan.

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Their intentions and deliberate actions are pure evil, "Beneath is all the fiend's. The reason why the two sisters praise their father in the beginning of the play is justified by their desire to inherit Lear's kingdom and supremacy. Because of Goneril's utter ungratefulness and lack of love or compassion, she mistreats her father and insults his dignity, "She [Goneril] has abated me [Lear] of half my train; Looked black upon me; struck me with her tongue, Most serpent-like, upon the very heart" 2.

Her sister, Regan, due to her alike vile nature, shows her entire support and endorsement to such a behavior.

Edmund's character comes from the same evil ground as the one of the two vicious sisters. The wicked qualities and the intentional wrong doings of these evil characters are the main cause of grief and suffering in the King Lear tragic play, "How sharper than a serpent's it is to have a thankless child" 1.

Therefore, in Shakespearean drama the commotion of tragedy proceeds primarily from the actions of the ominous characters in the play. If the evil purpose disturbs the peace and order in the world, then, this ultimate order must be inimical to this power and be akin to good. Next, A. Bradley diverts his attention to the main character in Shakespearean play, the tragic hero.

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To be thought of as an honorable and highly admirable individual, the tragic hero still shows some evident imperfection or dreadful flaw. This tragic trait of the hero is vile in its nature, and therefore, contributes to the tragic effect of the play. The king is not satisfied with such a mere and unaffected answer due to his arrogance and strong sense of superiority.

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Thus, he makes a grave decision to exile Cordelia from his kingdom, and gives all of his land to Goneril and Regan, which leads to his tragic disappointment, emotional breakdown, and death, "Your old kind father, whose frank heart gave all! The ultimate power in the tragic world is distressed by the evil acts and decisions of the dramatic character.

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Then, this ultimate moral power must have an opposing reaction to the wickedness in order to repair the essential order of the universe. Another aspect of the evil power that A. Bradley conveys in his article, The Shakespearean Tragic Hero, is that evil reveals itself everywhere as a negative, weakening, destructive effect. The evil effect in King Lear spreads and poisons lives of all soul characters, causing death and destruction in the play.

Due to their selfishness and sinister nature, the two sisters try to raze one another in their competition for power and control. In conclusion, Goneril poisons her sister in the sake of winning Edmund's favour. Nevertheless, Edmund is retributed by his brother, Edgar, who slays him in a fair fight.

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Goneril, who is not able to abide her disgraceful downfall, commits suicide. Although, these characters die, the reader does feel pity for them because their death is necessary factor of retribution in a tragic play, "This judgment of the heavens, that makes us tremble, Touches us not with pity" 5.

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Stanford: Stanford University Press, David Norbrook. Kevin Sharpe and Steven Zwicker. Essentially the play of Macbeth is about power use and abuse? GradeSaver has an entire page devoted to the play's themes. Simply navigate to the study guide and choose the correlating page.